Overview of AD Self Service

We use a password self-service portal that allows everyone to change his or her password. This can be helpful if you forgot your password, if you need to unlock your account due to invalid log attempts, or if you would simply like to change your password. The portal gives you the ability to perform these actions immediately without waiting for assistance. If you haven’t already, you will need to enroll in this portal. This portal can also be accessed from outside the district. I have created a link under the staff tab of the home page titled “Password Self-Service Portal”. If you can’t log on in district you can go to any computer, go to the logon screen, and click the “Reset Password/Unlock Account” button. There is also an IOS and Android app that you can use. The 4 attached guides cover enrollment, password reset, password unlock, and the mobile apps. The guides give you a step-by-step process with screen shots. Your password must meet the following complexity requirements: * Minimum password length: 6 characters * Password cannot contain your account name or parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters * Must contain three of the following four • Uppercase • Lowercase • Base 10 digits (0 through 9) • Non alphabetic characters (example:!, $, #, %) Some other notes on district network passwords * Password history is now enabled. This means you cannot use the previous 5 passwords you've had in the past. * Your account will be locked for 30 minutes if there are 7 consecutive unsuccessful logon attempts occurring within 1 minute of each other. * Remember that your network and email username are one in the same. This is also true for you network and email password. **Please do not let students log on or work under your account for any reason**
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